10 October 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

In 2007 it was the environment, in 2008 it is poverty. Blog Action Day is a non-profit event which started as a "what would happen if all blogs discussed one important topic on the same day" kind of an idea and blossomed into a successful event. Last year over 15,000 blogs posted about "going green" in October 2007. The engineers behind Blog Action Day encourage bloggers to keep their posts consistent with the nature of their blog and post about the topic in a way which is commensurate with that genre. Some of their suggestions include:
  • A Design Blog might analyze a set of charity posters and how they convey their message
  • A Tech Blog might look at pro-poor technologies and projects like 1 Laptop Per Child
  • A Political Blog might examine the relevant agendas of leading candidates
  • A Sports Blog might look at recent charity activities of a major sports franchise
  • A Business Blog might discuss how businesses can utilize ethical practices to boost their bottom line
Not surprisingly, there were no suggestions for what religious blogs might do. Stay tuned and find out next Wednesday! If you are a fellow blogger, looking to get involved, click here to sign on.

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