14 July 2008

What Next?

Even if this were only a joke -- and a joke in very bad taste, at that -- one would be convinced of the urgent need to pray for all those who do not believe that man is created with an immortal soul. It seems, from the CNN report, that the peddler was really interested in collecting on his soul ... and the unfortunate appellation of the pizza joint which purchased the deed is a mere suggestion of the agony awaiting those who may be tempted to treat immortality with such disrespect: more than greasy pizza and, likely, a different kind of heartburn.

All kidding aside, it is hard to miss the fact that this story originates in New Zealand, very close to where World Youth Day 2008 is will begin tomorrow morning. Perhaps it is a gentle reminder to pray for all those who will be participating in the event and all those whose lives will be touched (even if inadvertently) by the pilgrims, the prayer, the witness and all the events of these days. May World Youth Day 2008 and its "afterglow" be far-reaching and long-lasting in the work of preaching the Kingdom of God on earth and drawing many minds and hearts closer to the Lord.

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