22 July 2008

"Bean" Busy!

Some of us have "bean" busy in the garden: feeding the mosquitoes (and spiders) as well as the squirrels. Once upon a time, in a garden very close by, the bipeds and squirrels could race for ripened fruit. And then, just a few years ago, the squirrels became more simple, less picky, and they began to eat the fruit just as it began to ripen. Now, the squirrels have decided that they are tired of sharing their fruit with the selfish bipeds who live in the building which lies in the shadow of their trees . . . and they have decided to eat green tomatoes (unfried, too!) So, the bipeds have worked out a very equitable solution: the squirrels can have ALL the tomatoes that have teeth marks in them (which are MANY!) and the bipeds can have all those that don't. Needless to say, the kitchen windowsills are loaded with ripening tomatoes (since the tomatoes are picked as soon as they reach their full size and just before they develop teeth marks.)

A somewhat defeated Sister Anne E holds up a half-eaten tomato.

On a brighter note, it seems that our squirrel friends do not like peppers, onions, leeks, basil, lemon verbena or sage. Above, Sister Leonie Therese prepares to trim the "rosary beans" (technically called "red-seeded asparagus string beans") which mature between 12" and 18". They look nifty tossed into spaghetti and they can also be braided and baked as a side dish. Thankfully, our furry friends have not yet discovered them!

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