02 December 2007

The First Sunday of Advent

Above is a fuzzy snapshot of the Advent wreath in our choir. The candles were a bit fuzzy, but the sisters in the picture were even fuzzier, so we thought it best to leave them out. :)

Since it seems to be a trend among blogs to celebrate birthdays, we mark two years and one day today since "Live + Jesus!" was born. When we began, the word "blog" was new and unfamiliar around the monastery; 288 posts later, it has become a household word. Sisters can be heard saying, "That would be a great picture for the blog!" or "Don't put this on the blog!" It began as a means of sharing our spirituality and it has been a source of blessings as it has connected us to countless friends among our readers.

We share here a few words from one of St. Francis de Sales' Advent sermons in 1620:

"Fear [of the Lord] and hope ought never to be without one another. Fill up these valleys formed by fear with confidence. Lower the mountains and hills. What are these mountains but presumption and pride, which are very great obstacles to our Lord's coming. . . . Make straight the way of the Lord, that is, acquire an even disposition; an even disposition is the most pleasing virtue in the spiritual life, one for which we must work continually."

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