28 December 2007

Angel on My Shoulder

"No, she's not heavy, she's my angel! "

As we continue celebrating these holy days of the Octave of Christmas, we pause for a moment to share some of the lighter moments of our Christmas. Pictured above, Sister Catherine, our postulant, finds an angel -- oddly resembling an egg -- on her shoulder. On Christmas morning, each place in the refectory was marked by an egg-angel. Below, they gather for a group photo.

Anticipating the busyness of the (very short) fourth week of Advent, we decorated the Christmas tree in our assembly room on Saturday evening during recreation. Below, Sister Rosemarie (who did the lion's share of putting up the tree and stringing the lights) adjusts an ornament.

Sister Mary Roberta steps up and reaches the top of the tree with ease -- something that some of us would need a trampoline to do!

Last, but not least, our Sister Mada-anne (true to her work as an archivist) is pictured below recording gifts we have received so that we may properly thank our kind benefactors. The lovely tree pictured above was one of the first gifts we received this season!

"Simplicity towards God consists in seeking Him only in all our actions, whether we are going to Office, or to the refectory, and then to recreation; we us go everywhere to seek God and to obey God." ... even to decorate the Christmas tree! St. Jane de Chantal

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