16 November 2006

A Shower?

It is not exactly a "shower" as you might imagine a soon-to-be bride having, but it is more that we have experienced a great out"pouring" of generosity by our friends, benefactors and alumnae. On Tuesday evening, after supper, our faithful friends, Nan and Kathy, brought samples of material for various aspects of our new monastery.

When we moved out, in April, for this long-awaited renovation, many of us were sleeping on mid-nineteenth century civil war hospital beds. As quaint as it may seem, it should be mentioned that some of our bedding appeared to be as old as the beds. In order to prepare us for a fresh, new beginning when we move into the monastery, Nan and Kathy, brought samples of materials and colors for sisters who may need new bedding, towels, etc. We had almost as much fun passing around the samples as we did speculating about what "flamingo" colored towels might look like in a sedate baby-blue cell. We are most grateful to all those whose thoughtfulness and generosity are making our renovation possible. (Nan and Kathy are pictured with some of the sisters who are examining the samples. )

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