10 November 2006

Pope St. Leo the Great

There are many compelling reasons to pray for the Church today -- both the local Church and the Church Universal. The media does not always portray the Church in a charitable light and differences among Catholics are emphasized and -- all too often -- exploited. As discouraging as this can be, it is helpful to remember that the Church has seen difficult times in her past. Today, we commemorate a saint under whose watch the Church saw many difficulties.

During his papacy, St. Leo the Great combated several five and six-syllable heresies as well as an invasion by the Huns. Perhaps one of the intentions closest to his heart was that of Church unity. As we honor his memory today, let us ask his intercession for a greater unity of hearts and minds in the Church.

For a (relatively) short -- but stellar -- homily on the Incarnation, click here.

"I will dwell only on that union which we ought to have with each other. This union has been earnestly preached and taught to us by Our Lord, equally in word and example. . . . To love God without loving the neighbor, who is created in His image and likeness is impossible!"
St. Francis de Sales

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