24 March 2006

Tid-bit of History

Not to bore our readers with every iota of our moving escapades, but this is a little peek into the dormitory quarters (16ths, perhaps!) of the south wing of the monastery. The P Street wing (south), pictured here, was built in 1856. Most of the iron beds were given to us in the late 1860's when they were no longer needed as hospital beds when the civil war ended.

During the civil war, many of the large buildings in Washington were taken over to be made into temporary hospitals for wounded soldiers. Our monastery was spared thanks to General Winfield Scott, whose daughter was a member of our community.

During the civil war years, we had a number of sisters from the north as well as from the south; when a soldier knocked at the door asking for food, the sister who responded would note the color of his uniform and would call upon a sister whose home was in the north or south, depending upon whether he was wearing blue or gray.

Though our civil war years are only a page in our history, there are many countries which are experiencing this trauma today. Let us pray for a swift end to civil wars and for many good things may come from such suffering and strife.

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