05 May 2013

More thoughts about Sr. Mary Josephine

Last week we shared a message on two days about Sister Mary Josephine DiBiase, VHM. Sister died in our infirmary on April 25th and her funeral was held in our chapel on April 30th, enabling family members to be present. Sister Josephine, born in Fairmont WV in 1930, was a graduate of Fairmont State University. For 11 years she taught in an elementary school in Loudon County VA. In 1963 she became a member of the Georgetown Visitation community and in 1968 transferred to a Visitation community where there was an elementary program for boys and girls: De Sales Heights Academy in Parkersburg WV. Noted for her skill in teaching reading, she taught there for 23 years. Most recently she was a member of the Visitation community in Wheeling WV for five years and since 2010 has been here at Georgetown. The following is an excerpt from the homily given by Father Charles Currie, SJ, at her funeral:

“Teaching little children is so important, especially in the earliest years when their precious spontaneity and creativity need both channeling and nourish- ing... Teaching reading is a special vocation in itself...What a gift, for a child or an adult, to be able to read, to have the excitement of words bouncing off a page... Sister Josephine made that kind of revelation possible for children for 23 years in Parkersburg WV. Think of what so many women and men today owe to her.”

Sr. Joanne Gonter, VHM

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