15 January 2013

God’s glory is self-giving love, Sr. Anne Francis

The very essence of the Father is to be self-giving love, a love that keeps nothing back.

In order to reach our fulfillment in this mystery we must walk in ways we know not.
we must allow ourselves to die to our own selfish, limited, earthly ideas . . .

This is what we must long for. The selfless love of Jesus.

Jesus crucified is the dark night into which we must allow ourselves to be drawn into.

This way we shall allow Jesus walk again in this world through our lives.

We must renounce all clear perceptions and rest on faith alone. Faith alone unites us with God.

 Sr. Anne Francis, V.H.M.


james said...

Well said sister,really do not know what would happen if we had no faith.

clare said...

Sister,the more l think about it the more l think that you are right.Thanks for that beautiful inspiration.