05 June 2011

Big Day at Day Care

On Friday 3 June, it was a big day at Visitation's Day Care. Four students graduated and several others were promoted. It was an exciting day for all involved. Above, Sister Maginel opens the commencement exercises with a prayer.

The students and Ms. Isaacs close the graduation with a prayer of thanksgiving. The ceremony was attended by parents, teachers, sisters and a few flying guests. ;) For more pictures of the Day Care graduation -- and for some pictures of the "Nursery School" graduation (transplants into the monastery garden) click here.

"While we are little children, we are wise like little children, we speak like little children, we love like little children, but when we shall come to our perfect growth, there above in heaven, we shall be freed from our state of infancy, and love God perfectly."
St. Francis de Sales

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