14 May 2011

Basil the Great

It may be the Feast of St. Matthias but around here, it's Basil the Great who's getting lots of attention. Well, not St. Basil, but the aromatic little seedlings which make the "nursery school" smell delicious. Sister Philomena inspects one of the baby basil plants which have been living next to the tomato and pepper seedlings. This year's seedlings were "born" in room 212 on a carefully covered desk, where they poked their cotyledons up through the soil in late April. They are all getting ready to move outside to the garden soon. This year, we are pleased to report that there was no need for Sister Mary Marple to visit the nursery, as all transplants appear, thus far, to be safe from harmful visitors. Stay tuned for photos from nursery school graduation when the seedlings move outside!

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