09 April 2011

A Distinguished Alumna

Baptized Dorothy Holly Reynolds and known to her family and friends as "Holly," she graduated from our high school in 1950. After a year and a half of college, she entered the Poor Clare monastery in Jamaica Plain, MA where she received the religious name Sister Mary Lucy of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was one of twelve sisters who left Jamaica Plain to begin the foundation in South Carolina at the invitation of Bishop John Russell.

Sister Mary Lucy, in the years that followed, served her community as novice mistress, abbess and, for a time, responded to a call to solitude by living in a hermitage near her community on the grounds of their monastery until her heath declined. Sister loved nature, the outdoors, animals and she raised African violets.

Our own Sister Philomena was a classmate of hers in high school and remembers her to be "extremely brilliant academically and simple soul who had great confidence in God."

Sister's health began to fail in the spring of 2010, when she returned, from her hermitage and was cared for by her community. On Tuesday 5 April 2011, Our Lord came for her and He, no doubt, found her waiting for Him, whom she had so loved on earth. Requiescat in pace.

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