20 March 2011

Boxing Lessons

No, we haven't taken up a new sport ... but some of us did have a lesson in building boxes this weekend. As part of a homeless awareness event, a group of our students, sisters and parents slept outside on our campus in cardboard boxes, heard testimony from formerly homeless people and reflected on ways in which we can be more attentive to those in our society who experience homelessness.

After a night in a cardboard box, students attended Mass with the sisters and shared some of their experiences with them in the parlor after Mass. After cleaning up "box city" the homeless-for-a-day had time to journal and reflect on their experiences. To see more pictures from this powerful event, check out the photo album on our Facebook page.

"And therefore the same charity which produces the acts of the love of God, produces at the same time those of the love of our neighbor. And even as Jacob saw that one same ladder touched heaven and earth, serving the angels both for descending and ascending, so we know that one same charity extends itself to both the love of God and our neighbor, raising us to the union of our spirit with God, and bringing us back again to a loving society with our neighbors; always, however, on the understanding that we love our neighbor as being after the image and likeness of God, created to have communication with the divine goodness, to participate in his grace, and to enjoy his glory."
St. Francis de Sales

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