27 August 2010

Fashion Advice From St. Francis de Sales

No, this isn't a joke. Honest. We couldn't make up something this good if we tried!

St. Francis de Sales was truly a shepherd of souls. He spent many hours each day meeting with men and women who sought his advice in the everyday living out of their faith in matters big and small. In addition to being an available presence for those who knocked at his door, this patron saint of journalism was also a faithful correspondent. In a letter to Madame le Blanc Mions, wife of President Pierre Le Blanc de Mions, St. Francis de Sales responds to her question as to whether or not she should powder her hair. (Honest, we're not joking!) Below, in its entirety, is the priceless reply to this question:

"As she has a right intention she may powder her hair, and the cogitations she makes about it she must put out of her mind, they are no more than cobwebs that would entangle and embarrass her. The hair of her spirit is even thinner than that of her head; this is why she fidgets and make so many reflections. Let her walk boldly in good faith amid the fair virtues of humility and simplicity, drop these subtle considerations, and powder her hair without more ado; for even the respectable pheasants powder their plumage to keep off the lice."
St. Francis de Sales

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