26 March 2010

Gabe the Babe

A little update about our littlest member: Gabriel -- or "Gabe the Babe" as our students like to call him -- is doing very well. He seems to be adjusting to monastic life very smoothly. He does love to pose for the camera, so we might have to have a little talk with him about the perils of vanity, but probably when he's a bit older.

Sister Philomena is pictured taking him for a walk around the monastery garden after Night Prayer on the Solemnity of the Annunciation. We're pretty sure that he will celebrate his Feast Day with our Sister Mary Raphael (and the other archangels) but since the angel Gabriel figures prominently in the Annunciation, Gabe deserved a bit of a fuss.

As most of us had to learn the boundaries of monastic life, Gabriel is learning the perimeter of the monastery garden. Above, sister shows him a flag so he'll know when he's getting close to the school fence. Gabriel seemed to catch on quickly that every time he ran away from a flag, he got a "good boy" and a piece of puppy chow. Gabe is showing great promise that he will be as attentive a watch dog as his mentor, Nicholas (see below).

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