18 June 2008

Baby Beanies

At risk of boring our faithful readers, we thought we would share the miracles that God works in the vegetable garden. We've been enjoying fresh salad for a few weeks now ... but we are excited to see the eschatological sign of more fresh vegetables on the horizon. Above is a picture of a baby string bean (purple variety).

Despite torrential rains earlier this week, the tomatoes plants are still standing strong. Thanks to some 90+ days last week, the tomato flowers have begun to set fruit in great quantities.

This is a particularly big "baby" among the tomato patch.

Last, but not least, pictured above is our herb garden, located on the north side of the vegetable garden. We have added one or two boxwoods a year for the last few years and this year we "rounded out" the remaining spaces along boarder of the herb garden. (The sporadic adding of boxwoods accounts for the great variety in their sizes!) The birds frequent the bath in the center (when they think the bipeds aren't looking) and splash around during the day. Behind the herb garden is the parsnip and carrot patch. Of all the miracles that take place in the garden, perhaps one of the biggest miracles is that the squirrels can't find more of the vegetables among the ubiquitous weeds!

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