05 May 2008

Homespun Humor

Will the REAL Sister Philomena please stand?!

After 18 years of service as superior, our dear Sister Philomena deserved more than just a word of thanks. Last night, in her honor, the community comedians teamed up and produced a short play entitled, "New Work Ahead for Sister Philomena" which portrayed several suggested work assignments which may (or, more likely, may NOT) be in Sister's future. Sister Philomena is pictured at right with Sister Jacqueline (playing the role of Sister Philomena) at left.

Among the jobs "assigned" to Sister in the play were: assistant to the cook, helper to Sister Mary Maintenance (hence the tool belt and protective helmet), community exterminator and habit-maker. Sister Philomena was a great sport while jokes and witty observations marked each "new job" description. The star of the show -- without a doubt -- was SUPERBUG, played by Sister Rosemarie. SUPERBUG made her way into just about every scene, tormenting the new community exterminator, who chased her with a wooden spoon.

We never did get into Blogger's "labels" feature, but if we were using them, this might be entitled, "Life in the Monastery is Never Dull: Part IV."

"In all our actions, whether we are going to the Office or to the refectory and then to recreation; let us go everywhere to seek God."
St. Jane de Chantal

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