02 March 2008

Profession Approaching!

Yesterday evening, our Sister Anne Francis entered retreat for her Solemn Profession. Sister will be professed on March 10th in our Chapel of the Sacred Heart. Please join our community in praying that her retreat is a grace-filled time for her (and for her retreat master!)
We know well what a gem we have in Sister Anne Francis, but just in case we forget, it is taking several sisters to fill her shoes in the infirmary. In fact, Mother had to give the community an obedience not to get sick for the next 10 days.
For locals who wish to attend, Sister's Profession will take place during Mass at 11.00am in our monastery Chapel.
"The way of the sisters of the Visitation is their Rule and Constitutions, in which they are to walk from virtue to virtue, until they see their Eternal Spouse in Sion; and let them walk therein wisely and carefully, without straying to the right or to the left."
St. Francis de Sales

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