15 February 2008

A Feast for the Heart

Most people celebrate Valentine's Day with hearts and heart-shaped gifts, etc. It seems fitting, in a way, that on the day following, the Church commemorates St. Claude de la Colombiere, a chosen apostle of the Sacred Heart. Although the sacred season of Lent renders optional all minor memorials and commemorations, it is a treat that St. Claude's commemoration falls on a Friday, as we are especially mindful of the Sacred Heart.

Last year we shared a few biographical tidbits of this "cousin" of ours. We would continue to throw out, to our readers, the question of why he might have been named the patron saint of toy-makers. If any among our readers know why (or even have a creative suggestion), do comment!

Below we share a prayer written by St. Claude:

Lord, I am in this world to show Your mercy to others. Other people will glorify You by making visible the power of Your grace by their fidelity and constancy to You. For my part I will glorify You by making known how good You are to sinners, that Your mercy is boundless and that no sinner no matter how great his offences should have reason to despair of pardon. If I have grievously offended You, My Redeemer, let me not offend You even more by thinking that You are not kind enough to pardon Me. Amen.

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