24 October 2006

Pure Gift

This is not an error. You have reached the Monastery blog of the Visitation Sisters of Georgetown. If you think that this "new face" looks too good to be our own work, you are absolutely right. This is the inspiration and the handiwork of our "guardian angel" Rick Lugari. Rick did the lion's share of the work on the templates for our new webpage and now he's blessed us with a "matching gift" for our blog. Rick is the author of the award-winning blog, De Civitate Dei and a founding member of the prodigiously growing blog, Amateur Catholic. We are as grateful as we are excited about our "matching look." Benefactors come in many different forms, sometimes they even come as angels!

**If you are a regular reader and you've got us listed among your favorites, do add us again and overwrite the listing. The nifty "V" that appears next to our name is a further reminder of Rick's creativity and thoughtfulness. **

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